Friday, May 30, 2008

Josh Owen at Basement Discs

Josh Owen - Basement Discs - 30 May 2008

Today’s lunchtime in store performance at Basement Discs featured local soul & funk artist
Josh Owen. He was there to tout his new acoustic mini CD Do You Wonder, a low key solo effort as opposed to recording with a band.

I had seen Josh at a previous in store in 2005, but didn’t remember much about his music.

For the show today Josh brought along four guitars and played a set alternating between acoustic and electric accompaniment, singing songs from the aforementioned album.

A pleasant little show it was too, to break up a dreary Friday here in Melbourne. Actually, it’s not all that dreary – the weather is sunny and moderately warm (18°C) for this time of year.

Check out
Josh Owens’ My Space page to listen to his music.


chiefbiscuit said...

It's been great catching up on your ever-informative and interesting blog. I see you've been partaking in some great music appreciation, reading, film-watching, horse-race following, as well as finding intriguing backdrops for books!

Anne S said...

Thanks CB - glad you enjoy it.

Am scratching around for a topic at the moment - hence no posts for a while.