Friday, April 18, 2008

Tracy McNeil & Jordie Lane make sweet music at Basement Discs

From left to right - Flora Smith, Tracy McNeil, Jordie Lane

There was another excellent mini show at Basement Discs at lunchtime today. On stage was Tracy Mc Neil a young singer songwriter from Canada and local boy, Jordie Lane. They have recently teamed up as a duo act called Fireside Bellows, though today both were promoting their individual discs, Tracy’s Room Where She Lives and Jordie’s Lover’s Ride.

These two artists were new to me and I must say I was impressed by their joint and solo performances. They both have very fine singing voices and their song writing is of a high calibre. The music is a mix of folk and alt country.

They had a string bass accompaniment and young local female artist Flora Smith provided harmony vocals.

It was not until I was making my way back to work that it dawned on me why Flora Smith looked familiar. She is the daughter of long time acquaintances of mine. Her father is Graeme Smith, academician and folklorist and her mother is Judith Brett who teaches politics at La Trobe University and is a well known political commentator.

There was an article on the Basement discs in today’s Age newspaper regarding the inaugural Record Store Day being celebrated tomorrow.

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chiefbiscuit said...

Sounds like my kind of music!