Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ron Sexsmith at Basement Discs

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Ron Sexsmith live 19/3/08

As always, it was a pleasure to see Ron Sexsmith perform live in an intimate setting. I wouldn't miss one of his Basement Discs in store performances for anything.

On Wednesday last week, despite being on leave from work, I caught a tram into the city for the occasion.

I love Ron Sexsmith's brand of literate pop music. B can't stand his music, so I rarely get a chance to listen to his CDs, but Ron is great to see live with his genial, endearingly gauche stage presence singing his great songs to really pretty tunes. By rights he should be a household name, he is that good, and although he has won accolades from the likes of Elvis Costello & Dylan who count themselves fans of his music, he is still out of the mainstream and rarely played on the radio.

Not that I listen to the radio much, but at work I sit near a small call centre and they have a radio playing pop music going most the day. It doesn't bother me at all, but I get tired of the same songs being played over and over again. A bit of Ron Sexsmith wouldn't go astray, but he is never played on pop music stations, more's the pity.

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Anonymous said...

Check this out if you like Ron Sexsmith :-) Play it for B!

Dr Soul