Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster

Ruthie Foster live at Basement Discs 13 March 2008
Today’s lunchtime in store performance at Basement Discs was really something special with the remarkable Ruthie Foster putting on an amazing show of her extraordinary talents. Her predominant gift is her astoundingly powerful and expressive voice. Think Aretha Franklin, only better. She’s not called the new queen of soul and gospel for nothing, as was amply demonstrated in the intimate surrounds of the Basement Discs today.

Ruthie’s music covers gospel, blues and folk but she gives her own individual interpretations of those genres and transcends them. Her latest CD is The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster and I am here to attest that this is no idle boast, but a truthful assessment of her talent.

In person she came across as warm and friendly and self deprecating, and I was very glad I made it down to see her, as no doubt were the rest of the small crowd present. A rare and delightful experience all round.

You can hear some of
her music on her My Space page and judge for yourself.

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