Sunday, March 30, 2008

Patty Griffin at the Palais

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Patty Griffin live at the Palais Theatre 28/03/08

Although the crowd was thin on the ground (or in the seats) for Patty Griffin's concert at the Palais in St Kilda on Friday night, it was for those who did attend a wonderful show.

As it is festival season in Melbourne and elsewhere at this time of year, where a wealth of acts leave music lovers spoilt for choice, it is perhaps not all that surprising that Patty failed to fill the house. But her true fans - I count myself one - wouldn't have missed her for anything.

This time around she was accompanied by a drummer as well as a guitarist, which truth to tell made little difference to her act, except that the drummer (who was excellent) added a slightly different nuance to some songs, enhancing the overall experience.

Patty sang quite few different songs, but alas, no Tony. She made up for that by giving us the exquisite Mil Besos from her album 1000 Kisses and Burgundy Shoes from her latest recording, Children Running Through.

She also sang Top of the World, Kite Song and a crazy song about Amazons, called Riding With The Amazons and a great cover of Tom Waits Hang on St Christopher.

After 15 songs plus 2 for the encore it was over at about 11.30pm. The audience gave her a standing ovation which she certainly deserved.

I'd certainly go and see her sing her wonderful songs over and over again as often as she comes to Australia.

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