Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cat Politics Update

There is a great deal of ongoing amusement to be gained from observing the interaction between cats, but it also can be worrying.

At the present time Willy is running scared of Timmy and only enters the house with extreme caution. We thought he’d moved out altogether as he went missing most days, only turning up for food then disappearing again. As the weather has grown cooler he has since returned at night to sleep in the bed with us where he feels safe.

Timmy has been observed making threatening moves towards Willy - well, Willy regards them as threatening and avoids any contact, eye, or otherwise, with Timmy. Willy’s not a fighter. His ears are still intact, whereas Timmy’s are torn and frayed. For such a macho cat Timmy has the wimpiest meows – a kittenish squeak.

Lizzie, however, rules. She has Timmy keeping his distance, having commanded respect without drawing blood, It’s attitude, more than anything. Timmy walks the long way around her, whereas Willy is not in the least afraid of her and will spring on her out of the blue, much to her annoyance, but he only gets hissed at.

We have grown quite fond of Timmy over the months so it is out of the question to give him away or nullify him. He’s has some endearing eccentricities, like sitting with one paw raised, or as shown in the photo above, with all four white mittened paws lined up neatly. I snapped the photo last night and he posed very nicely for it, staring directly at the camera and not moving a whisker. He hobbles around like an old man one minute then he’s frisking like a kitten at the next.

He must be about 14 years of age, but looks like he’ll live forever

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