Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Update on the state of Cat Politics

It is now four months since Timmy joined the household and the cat political situation is in a delicate state of détente, where the cats have gotten used to each other but maintain a cautious distance through mutual agreement. Timmy and Lizzie have sorted their differences and mostly ignore each other, even if they are sitting side by side waiting to be fed. Willy is the wild card in that he spends so much time out and about on his own cat business, that Timmy, when he sees him, acts as if Willy is a stranger and stalks him, whether out of menace or curiosity it is hard to fathom. Willy has taken to spraying everywhere inside and out. I suppose it is gratifying to see that he regards the house as his territory, but a nuisance as well. We’re always running round with a sponge, expunging his marks. Timmy, elderly cat though he is, has taken to slaughtering the local wildlife – ring tailed possums predominantly. He has previous form killing possums, so we naturally assume he is the murderer. We haven’t seen a rat or mouse dead or alive for months. Either Timmy’s presence has cramped the hunting abilities of the other cats or there aren’t any rodents around to be caught.

The next cat, I swear, will be called by a name that does not have the “I” vowel. I suppose one name fits all, where the cats are concerned. Whenever you call Willy, Lizzie or Timmy you are likely to get a different cat to the one being summoned. They look puzzled when you don’t react to their presence and can’t understand why you are still calling them when they are right there in front of you. An indignant meow is the usual reaction. So, the next cat gets called Boris, Morris, Amanda, Lulu, and Lola - whatever. Of course no matter what the name, it will, in the course of time, get reduced to a diminutive with a “Y” on the end.

We will be away at my brother’s place down the coast for Christmas Day and will be spending the night there. The cats will be left in charge of the house. It will the first time we have been away for more than a few hours, since Timmy came to stay, but I’m sure we will return to a peaceful household with no blood on carpet as we’re very confident that the détente will prevent all out mayhem.


Jan said...

And WAS there any blood?!
Happy New Year, Anne, to you and your family and cats!

Anne S said...

No blood thankfully. They all appear to be getting on these days. The hot weather helps as they are too knocked out by it to worry about much else than finding a cool spot.

Happy New Year to you and yours as well, Jan!