Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oh Susanna at Basement Discs

What a wonderful treat it was to see Canadian artist, Susie Ungerleider aka Oh Susanna, playing live today at Basement Discs!

I feel spoilt having experienced in such a short period of time, two exceptional singer songwriters.

Oh Susanna is up there with Patty Griffin in terms of having a great voice coupled with an enviable ability to write wonderful songs. She gave us a small taste of her talent today at lunchtime, where she sang eight songs from her latest CD.

Her voice is powerful, pitch perfect and has an attractive broken hearted break in it. I was very impressed with her performance and I am very tempted to go to her only Melbourne show next Tuesday at the Toff in Town a newish venue in the city.

She has just released a new CD “Short Stories” which has been highly praised by major music magazines like Uncut and Mojo. I agree with the critics – it is lovely.

I also like her taste in T shirts as above. Apparently this particular wicked queen shirt was a present from her husband last Christmas.

Her music is a mix of folk, country and blues, but is very individual all the same. I highly recommend checking her out if you love great singing voices and interesting song lyrics.


Jan said...

Im being educated again!

Stefan said...

Good Job! :)