Monday, November 26, 2007

Labour Victory

The Labour Party was swept into power by a record breaking majority on Saturday. All my dread at a return to power by John Howard's party has been consigned to the dustbin. In fact it appears John Howard has lost his seat, to the likeable Maxine McKew, former ABC journalist, turned aspirant politician. At the beginning of the campaign she was given little hope of taking the electorate from him, but her hard work has paid off.

So we can look forward to a new era in Australian politics - hopefully a kinder, greener and more compassionate era.

It goes without saying, I was delighted with the result. I spent Saturday night glued to the television, watching the results come in, and persisted until John Howard conceded defeat.

It reminds me of the heady days when Gough Whitlam came to power. A friend of mine remarked at the time " Even the stars look different...". It's like that now.


Anonymous said...

Another reason to celebrate:

(scroll down)


Anne S said...

Thanks Vikki,

I saw that today too. She's down for the Byron festival too.

I hope she does some more Melbourne shows while she is here.

Anonymous said...

Me, too! Though I think the friend I dragged around for the last three concerts is less willing this time around. ;)


(And yes, Yay RUDD!)