Friday, November 09, 2007

Checking out the new version of Windows Live Writer

I just downloaded the new version of Windows Live Writer. It has desirable new features such being able to insert local images into one's blog at the writer stage and they are then uploaded to Google Picasa at the same time as the post is loaded to Blogger.

Live Writer is a wonderful free program from Microsoft. I have been using it fairly regularly to compose entries for my blog. It intuitively adopts the formatting already set up on one's blog so requires little editing afterwards. Especially now that you can add pictures to it.

So to test this here is a photo I snapped today at the Basement Discs where Stephen Cummings was performing an in-store.

stephen_cummings 018 (Small)

Stephen Cummings is another of those long time on the scene artists. I remember seeing him for the first time way back in1976/77. At the time I had a job as a drink waitress at a pub in Carlton called Martinis. Stephen Cummings with his band The Sports used to play on Tuesday nights. They were a great little rockabilly band and as Tuesday was a relatively quiet night, I got to watch the band, rather than being distracted by customers.

I've seen him several times since then, of course and today's mini show was up to expectations. He was accompanied by Bill McDonald on electric bass and Billy Miller on guitar and harmony vocals. I just checked Billy Miller out on Google and discovered that way, way back he was the lead singer in a band called The Ferrets. They had a hit with a song titled "Don't Fall In Love".

Well I will now post this blog and see how it goes with the upload.


It worked splendidly.

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chiefbiscuit said...

Glad you're finding it works - always a bonus!