Monday, August 06, 2007

Welcome Zoe

My brother rang today to convey the news that I am great aunt for a second time. My niece had a baby girl this morning, another Leo to add to the family pride. She is to be called Zoe.

I certainly won’t have any excuse to forget young Zoe’s birthday as my birthday was yesterday. It was a significant birthday in that I reached grand old age of 60. Naturally I celebrated it in a fitting though low-key manner imbibing several glasses of champagne and other alcoholic beverages in the company of friends.

Today I feel vague, but cheerful and not at all cast down by the realisation that I’ve survived sixty years of life and can anticipate rather fewer decades in the future. I intend to enjoy them, no matter what.

It is curious that I always thought my niece was going to have a girl this time. Her first child was a boy, though I had no intimations of his sex before he was born. My brother also had the same hunch this time even though there was no way it could be confirmed until the birth. How do you explain such things?

Leos seem to run in our family, at least one or two in each generation - a kind of astrological genealogy. I’m curious to see young Zoe’s astrological birth chart to see what similarities there are in her chart against those of other family members. I’ve already noted that she has a predomination of fire signs according to today’s ephemeris. This should make her lively company, to say the least.

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