Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Splendid Dose of Cardinality...

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals -20 August 2007
...is just what the doctor ordered.

The Ryan Adams concert was fantastic, a sensational night of rock 'n roll full of stellar performances. It was well and truly up to my expectations and my seat was perfect for viewing and listening.

Ryan was in a very cheery mood and handled the few hoonish members of the audience with wit and good humour.

I was also very taken with the Cardinals, Ryan's touring band, especially the lead guitarist Neal Casal who provided harmony vocals and even performed one of his own songs, which was great. Neal Casal has a gorgeous voice, which blends with Ryan's equally gorgeous voice in a really magical way.

It has been a very distracting past few days...

On Saturday B's mother passed away, so it has also been quite stressful. She had a massive stroke that rendered her unconscious. B found her in a chair in her living room, passed out. She was rushed to hospital but died several hours after. It was terrible for B, but also a relief, as she was quite frail and getting quite senile . She was 86 years old.

The past few days have been occupied with organising the funeral, but we still managed to fit in the Ryan Adams concert. We needed some light relief after the weekend.

We've also inherited B's mother's cat Timmy. So far, so good , the resident cats appear to be handling it better than we expected and Timmy is keeping a low profile and seems to be settling in quite well.

Cross fingers it all works out.

I feel very tired at the moment so will expand on the above later.


Kumonkey said...

nothing like live music to take your mind off heavier things. hope timmy isn`t eating your furniture. our cat nami has a thing for my girlfriends favourite bag, much to her dismay, and my amusement.

Anne S said...

The Ryan Adams concert was the welcome highlight of an otherwise stressful week.

Timmy has settled in very well, though the resident cats are still very nervous when he's around.

He certainly doesn't eat the furniture or anything much. We're still trying to puzzle out what sort of cat food he likes.

Anonymous said...

He like little bits of cooked meat, cut into little bite sized bits.

Anonymous said...

She was only getting “quite senile” to you lot as she knew the truth about what has been going on the past 30 years. She was told to shut her mouth about that though. She would be so disappointed in what you two have done, but she already was in a big way. Disgusting to purposely not let her own family be at her funeral, no respect for her wishes. Family meant more to her than both you ever knew. And now she is gone, the family you don't want can be eradicated from the future and past.