Sunday, August 26, 2007

Introducing Timmy

I managed to get a photo of Timmy today. As you can see he's quite a pretty cat, though the resident cats Lizzie and Willy are not impressed. Handsome is as handsome does, is their general opinion.

Timmy has settled in really well and, even though he has had ample opportunity to run away, has not taken it upon himself to do so. He has a nice nature and appears to be nonaggressive, so no fur has flown since he has arrived. Lizzie and Willy still regard him with suspicion, with Lizzie glaring and hissing at him on sight and Willy giving him a wide berth. Initially Willy was friendly towards Timmy and appeared hardly fazed to have a new cat in the house. Something must have happened during the past week, to make him nervous of Timmy, though he appears not have any wounds. We can only speculate on them encountering each other one night and facing off. Timmy is, however, nervous of Lizzie. You just don't mess with old lady cats!

It's a relief that this adoption of Timmy has not been as traumatic for him or us as we initially feared.

So things have returned to normal after a really quite stressful week. I couldn't think straight last week, so I am glad B's mother's funeral is behind us. It was a good funeral as funerals go - small and intimate - with a simple service.

Other stuff.

Below is a photo of plum blossom with a bee and lots of sky. You can see that it was a lovely day today. Spring is well and truly on the way.

Not so the Spring Racing Carnival, which has been affected by an outbreak of Equine Influenza in New South Wales. All races and horse events on the Eastern coast were cancelled yesterday for a period of 72 hours, to prevent the virus from spreading and to try and establish the source. Australia has been free of this virus until now. It really couldn't have happened at a worse time as it will indeed have an impact on how the Spring Racing Carnival pans out, or indeed if it happens at all.

As a racing fan I'm pretty devastated. I was so looking forward to seeing my favorites fight it out in upcoming races and also keenly anticipating my annual day at the races in September. Let's hope the virus is contained and that racing will resume soon.

PS: My review of the Ryan Adams concert is now up on the Nu Country web site.


Clare said...

Yes, I read about the flu on the BBC website and immediately thought of you. Hope things improve soon. I did try to comment on your Bryan Ferry review - something on the lines of lucky you! Wonderful pictures, Anne. Particularly like the one of the concert - really atmospheric.

Anne S said...

Ahem - Ryan Adams please. Though i know it's hard to get names right sometime, so you're forgiven Clare.

Glad you liked the photographs, dark as they are. I was not totally happy with them, but you are right, they do have atmosphere.

Clare said...

I can't believe I wrote Bryan Ferry! I'm so sorry - some some of Freudian slip. I am absolutely terrible with names - I get them wrong all the time. I have the face and the person in my head but the name comes out from some different part of my cerebral cortex. It happens all the time. I even get the names of my sons wrong sometimes. It's hugely embarrassing.

Anne S said...

The same thing happens to me too. I tend to shrug off embarrassment as best I can, remembering an old Ukrainian proverb a friend told me once: "Hold your head high even if your neck is dirty"