Saturday, August 18, 2007

Downhills Home at Basement Discs

Yesterday's In Store at Basement Discs featured the young country rock five piece ensemble of Downhills Home. They were new to me but were pretty impressive as a live act.

Downhills Home are Sean McMahon (guitar, vocals & dobro), Michael Hubbard (lead vocals & guitar), Tim McCormack (bass), Brendan McMahon (keyboard & piano) and Josh Duiker (drums). Together they produce a tight and feel-good sound, reminiscent of the music of the late 60s early 70s. Their home penned songs are winning and well written.

As usual it was a welcome respite on a chill Melbourne day, to hear good live music in the lunch hour.

With only two more days to wait until the Ryan Adams concert, I'm getting pretty excited and also, because Ryan Adams is such a capricious artist, slightly apprehensive as to what we are in store for at the concert.

I've been reading the reactions to his two shows this week in New Zealand. The first show was apparently very good and lasted for two hours, whereas in the second, Ryan appeared to be in a bad mood, owing no doubt to an audience that was less than respectful, so was curtailed.

However, Melbourne audiences are generally very good and appreciative, so it will, hopefully, be a night of good vibes and music. Can't wait. Any show of Ryan Adams is worth seeing and his band, the Cardinals, are excellent.


chiefbiscuit said...

Hope Ryan gives a great concert. Didn't even realise he was in NZ. Probably struck a boozed crowd - kiwis love for beer! Got a lot to answer for ...

chiefbiscuit said...

BTW ABM went to hear Bob Dylan ... blown away ... frst time he's ever seen him live, and he's listened to his music for years, so quite an experience.

Anne S said...

CB: I passed on Bob Dylan, as I have done since 1977. They have him playing at giant venues these days, and even if I did see the Dixie Chicks in the same one, they are not my preferred mode of seeing an artist.

I do however love Bob Dylan's music, more his old stuff than the more recent releases. I first saw him in 1966, then again in 1977 - it's all a bit misty in my memory nowadays.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

Hey I was at the Downhills in Basement. I might have seen you - or not.

Bob was good both nights but sublime on the Friday.

Anne S said...

FX: I go to practically all the Basement in stores - and can generally be found standing near the new release stand at the front. It's a good position for taking photographs.

Your comment on Bob, makes me almost wish I had gone to one of his concerts. It's been such a long time...perhaps next time he graces these shores.