Monday, August 27, 2007

25th Anniversary Edition of Little, Big

The 25th Anniversary edition of John Crowley’s wonderful book, Little Big is finally close to publication. I have been waiting for this edition for years. I ordered myself a copy of the numbered edition several years ago and my anticipation has recently been piqued by the news that a limited edition poster, produced as part of the test printing process, has been made available for purchase. It’s a bargain at $15.00 US so I naturally ordered myself one. It features a short Crowley, Little, Big related extract called “Suppose One Were A Fish” and displays some of the art work of Peter Milton which will be used to illustrate the new edition.

You can view a good quality pdf version of the poster here.

Peter Milton’s art is extraordinary – meticulously detailed and intricate, black and white prints, which contain multilayered symbolic or allegorical references to 19th Century literary figures among other things. His art is beautifully strange and yet strangely familiar. Check out his work at

On the subject of posters and poster art, I bought a poster at the Ryan Adams concert. It too is a limited edition piece of art. Just about every city on Ryan Adams current tour has its own individual poster design and features an iconic image that defines the city it represents. The Melbourne poster shows Luna Park with an old fashioned tram – one of Melbourne’s most iconic public transport features with the Ryan Adams & the Cardinals rose logo displayed on the side of the vehicle. It’s very cool and stylish. The artist is Melbourne based artist and designer, Daymon Greulich. Check out his folio on the website to view more Ryan Adams tour posters. I think they're all pretty gorgeous. The posters were only available at the shows and in limited numbers, so now there is a big swap market for them on Ryan Adams fan sites.


chiefbiscuit said...

I'm sorry about B's mother. That must've been traumatic for you both.
At least you have Timmy now to help you feel as if you have a bit of her around still ... and doesn't he look a fine specimen!? (He looks like he has one yellow eye and one green ... ?)
I'm glad you liked the Ryan Adams concert.

Hope you can rest now and recover a little from all that has happened.

Anne S said...

CB: Thanks for your kind thoughts. We have however recovered and everything is getting back to normal despite having to circumnavigate the crazy cat politics. I've discovered it's so much more difficult to feed three cats than two and make sure that they are getting the proper nutrition.

Timmy's eyes are the same colour I think, yellow. It must have been the light and reflections of the green grass that gave one of his eyes a greenish tinge. Though Willy's eyes change according to the light - sometimes they're green, sometimes blue.

Simon said...

Hi I saw your Ryan Adams Melbourne poster. I have been looking for this poster everywhere and have all the other Australian ones from his 2007 tour (Syd x 2, Adelaide, etc.).

If you ever wanted to sell it I would be extermely interested. Or if you know anyone else that has one?

Anne S said...

Simon, check out the poster designer's site. He has some for sale at $20.00.

Simon said...

Hey Anna, I know those ones are lithograph prints / digital prints. I have contacted the artist.

I am looking for the silk screen print which was sold at the concert only. I have all the others in the silk screen print and just need this one in my frame!!!

I can't entice you to do a swap (if I buy the print from the site) plus some extra $$$ ?

Anne S said...


I wouldn't have clue as to whether my poster is silk screened or a lithograph. I bought it at the Palais Concert for $25.00. They had a whole pile of them

How do you tell the difference?

If mine is silk screened ,sorry, it is not for sale, as I've already had it framed.

Good luck with finding a silk screened version.

Simon said...

No worries at all, oh and you rock with the fast replies!

Were you at the 2009 Ryan Adams concerts? They were awesome!

Anne S said...

I was indeed at the first 2009Forum concert, possibly my favourite RA concert ever, and I've been going to them since the Gold tour of 2002. The Palace concert of 2005 was fantastic as well.

I'm a die hard Ryan Adams fan as no doubt you are too.