Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Now

After getting up half an hour early this morning and standing in the icy wind for an hour, waiting for the ticketing agency to open in a queue of one, i.e. me, I felt rather ridiculous to have arrived so early. But it was worth it. I managed to get the seats I was wanting – H row in the centre.

In case you’re wondering, this effort could only have been expended at the prospect of seeing my favourite artist, Ryan Adams, at a seated venue.

I’m over the moon with relief that I can now stop obsessing about it, and happy to have achieved my heart’s desire as far as seating goes. Ryan Adams had better put on a good show!

Buying tickets at an outlet is considerably less stressful than vying for them online. Being so early at the outlet and being first, the girl at the outlet counter was primed to hit the button as soon as tickets went on sale. Saved me all the anguish of doing it myself on my computer.

On Monday I’m going to a show at Northcote Social Club, a CD Launch for Troy Cassar Daley, a country music artist. I have free tickets, courtesy of Nu Country, so even if I’m not a great fan of the artist, it should at least be a good night’s free entertainment. Troy Cassar Daley is a well-known Australian country music star. He’s been around for quite some time and no doubt is a very good showman. I’ve never seen him perform before – there is every likelihood I will be impressed.

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