Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Day Fraught with Nerves

Yesterday, pre-sales tickets for the Ryan Adams concert in Melbourne in August went on sale. It’s hell trying to book a popular event over the Internet. The trouble is that this concert is at a reserved seating venue, the Palais, so one is at the whim of fate if one wants a good seat close to the stage. Good seats go in a flash, while one is still trying to work out the system. I gave up after not getting quite what I wanted. I will try my luck at an outlet on Friday when tickets for the general public go on sale. There will still be good seats available if one is fortunate enough to be first in line when the ticketing outlets open. Until then I shall be anxious, as I really want to go and have a good seat as well. I’ve heard from various people that often one can get better seats at an outlet as opposed to pre-sale opportunities. Let’s hope this is not a furphy.

Despite the trials of booking for reserved seating, I am really pleased that Ryan Adams is playing at a decent venue for a change. I love the Palais as a venue. It’s a grand old theatre in St Kilda, a beachside suburb. I have been fortunate enough to have seen some great acts there, such as the Dixie Chicks, Emmylou Harris and Doctor John. Mostly I’ve had good seats 7 rows from the front, the prime position for viewing and hearing a concert at the Palais.

The last time I saw Ryan Adams perform was two years ago at a general admission standing venue. It was pretty horrific – cramped, hot, and tiring what with having to stand for something like 5 hours straight. Still I thought it was worth it as the concert was excellent and I managed to get a position in the third row of people. My sole photo of that show is above.

Actually I don’t mind general admission as it is up to oneself to get to a venue in good time to grab a good position. I just hate being at the mercy of the vagaries of chance and having no control over the outcome. Trying to gain an advantage, by queuing an hour or so early and waiting for the ticketing office to open, is the only option. I’ll even get up an hour early just to be first in line.

So wish me luck – I’ll be obsessing about it all week, quite contrary to my usual sanguine temperament.

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