Thursday, June 21, 2007

Only one more sleep…

…until the new Ryan Adams CD, EASY TIGER, is in my hot little hands.

I have mentioned before that Ryan Adams is my favourite artist, so anything new from him is always a big thrill. As several tracks from the new CD are on Ryan’s My Space page, I have listened to a portion of it already and that has sharpened my interest in hearing the complete album, on the stereo system at home in all its glory. I find mp3s to be somewhat limited in sound quality, especially as the home stereo is a very good one. It reproduces CD quality sound with all its nuances, so anything less than perfect is very noticeable to me.

For once, there appears to be more promotion for this new CD than any of Ryan Adams other records. There is a very interesting interview with the man in the New York Times (may require registration). Reading this interview, I am astounded that Adams is still alive, as his drug habits strike me as being unbelievably destructive to mind and body. How he maintained his extraordinary productivity is beyond me.

Reviews of Easy Tiger have been universally glowing, and judging by the tracks I’ve already heard I’m certain to love it.

Other news

Jeff VanderMeer has a new blog called Ecstatic Days and very pretty it is too. I’ve been reading Jeff’s old blog since its inception. It’s always interesting as well as being fun. The new blog incorporates all his various web sites as well, putting them within easy reach.


chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks for the Ryan Adams link - a great voice. The kind I like. Very much.

Jan said...

Yes, I had a listen/look and glad I did.

chiefbiscuit said...

I've tagged you - pop on over to my blog and have a look at what you have been tagged to do.

Anne S said...

Ryan Adams has the most beautiful voice in Rock n Roll and his songs are winners in all senses. He has a wonderful sense of melody and never fails to come up with a pretty guitar break or a catchy chorus.

I love Easy Tiger. It's as if Ryan is showing off his versality. The songs are all engaging and quite different in style. There are rockers, sweet country rock, folky ballads - you name it. At first I thought I wouldn't like Halloween Head, but it's a fine song after all. The tag line "I've got a Halloween Head" is great to sing along to, even though it's a crazy song.

A limited edition Bonus DVD of 3 live songs was issued with the CD and it has even better versions than the CD. Thank you Basement Discs for giving me one

Rumours abound that Ryan and the Cardinals will be heading to the antipodes in August. THAT's one concert I do not intend to miss.

kumonkey said...

i think his version of `stars go blue` is one of my favourites. simple and easy.

Anne S said...

"Stars go Blue" is a lovely song, one of Ryan's best. But I have several other favorites from various CDs. There are only a few tracks that I skip on any of them.

I'm at a loss to choose just one song, though Come Pick Me Up, Sweet Carolina, Harder Now That It's Over, La Cienga, Rescue Blues, Sweet Illusions etc...etc. spring to mind at a pinch.