Wednesday, May 09, 2007

John Crowley’s AEGYPT – further along

Just discovered - this excellent article on Crowley and his novels by James Hynes, who explains, far better than I can, just how special the Aegypt series is and why John Crowley should be regarded as a great modern writer, and why he still remains relatively unknown.

Well worth reading if you want to know more about John Crowley's novels.

WARNING: May contain spoilers if you have not read the books.


Bobby said...

yikes - spoilers for Little, Big! My fiancee is currently reading that. I'm working on the second novel of the Aegypt tetralogy and am finding it deeply entrancing. I've yet to read Little,Big - I'm thinking of pausing on the Aegypt cycle and reading that next. Crowley fascinates me - it's interesting though how much he seems to disappoint traditional sci-fi/fantasy genre fans. He tends to subvert expectations regarding these genres, stretching them and taking them in directions that probably don't hold too much interest for the typical sci-fi/fantasy reader At any rate, thanks for the link - i'll read the full article after I finish the books :)

Anne S said...

Bobby, sorry about the spoilers - didn't think. I've added a warning.

As regards Crowley's writing, it is quite unique and individual. I think it deserves to be regarded as literature rather than get lumped with a genre tag. What Crowley needs is to be awarded a major literary prize, like A S Byatt for instance. Her book, "Possession" is not an easy read, yet it became a best seller after winning the Booker.

I'm sure Little,Big will continue to win new readers and by default, the AEgypt sequence will be read as well. Certainly, now that the tetralogy is complete, there is more likelihood of this happening.

I've waited 20 years for the end, though I have re-read the earlier books several times - each time a new volume in the series appears, in fact. The years between each instalment have been quite extensive. This last re-read was the most enjoyable, I think.

I'd recommend finishing the AEgypt novels, then reading Little,Big. You will be craving more Crowley by the end of AEgypt and Little, Big is a treat well worth waiting for.

Clare said...

Thanks for the warning about the spoilers. I've not read Little Big yet so shall keep in mind for later.

Anne S said...

It's certainly worth reading the article, but to be avoided if you haven't read Little,Big as it does give away the ending, sort of.