Sunday, April 15, 2007

End of the Autumn Racing Carnival

It is practically the end of the Autumn racing carnival, the Sydney Cup yesterday being the last of group one racing day for the season.

It has been a very interesting season all round and it was good to see my favourite Haradasun prove his worth by winning two group one races.

He raced again yesterday - over 2000 metres for the first time. He looked, at one stage, as if he would win, but he veered waywardly off course and ruined his chances. The Sydney iron horse, Desert War, prevailed.

According to the newspaper today, Haradasun was distressed after the race and collapsed with "the wobbles" while he was being watered down. Nothing serious I hope is indicated by this. Perhaps he was feeling the stress of only having a mere 6 days to recover from the Doncaster Handicap before racing again.

I should imagine he and a lot of the other stars of autumn will be spelled now and resume in spring. He"ll come back better in spring I'm sure, as he's still only a very young horse and won't achieve his true potential until he is fully grown.

Hopefully Haradasun will be competing on my annual day at the races in September in the Dato Tan Chin Nam Stakes. I'd love to see him in the flesh.

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