Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Blues @ Basement Discs

I’ve just got back from seeing Eric Bibb perform live at Basement Discs. He was pretty cool.

Eric Bibb is a young American blues artist. He has a gorgeous warm and fuzzy voice and he is currently touring to promote his latest CD “Diamond Days”. He performed only a few songs, but the title track was one of them. It has engaging lyrics and a bouncy tune.

There was a large crowd in attendance, but I managed to squeeze myself in up the front to the side of the stage and snapped a few photos.

Tomorrow night I’m going out to see a young American Folk Rock band called
The Mammals. They are new to me but their name has been mentioned in several different circles in the space of a week. They apparently were a hit at the Port Fairy Folk Festival this past weekend. One of the band members is the grandson of the famous folk artist Pete Seeger. They have been described as “subversive acoustic traditionalists”. This oxymoronic description sounds curiously attractive to me, so I'm looking forward to seeing the show.

I’ll report after the fact with photos and let you know if they lived up to the hype.

Saturday sees us attending the opening of retrospective art exhibition for our departed friend Maurie Bardon. He died of mesothelioma a few years ago. More on Maurie and the exhibition later…


chiefbiscuit said...

what a great photo. Looking forward to your next reports.

Anne S said...

Thanks CB,

He posed beautifully with a big white smile after the show when I asked him if I could get a photo.

This one will be on the Basement Discs Photo Gallery

We weren't supposed to photo during the performnce, but I sneaked a few nonetheless.

Jan said...

Shall keep ears open .