Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Melbourne Street Sculpture - Part 1

On every corner in the Central Business District of Melbourne there seems to be some form of public art, mostly a sculpture.

The most famous and best loved sculpture is The Public Purse which lies outside the old GPO in Bourke Street. There are always tourists getting photographed sitting on top of it, though there weren't any when I took this photo.

Equally cherished is The Three Businessmen who lurk on the corner of Swanston and Bourke Streets. Someone had inserted a cigarette butt into the mouth of the leading businessman before I snapped this shot.

Down the road from where I work, is this sculpture outside the Telstra building. The couple are looking in the window at another sculpture representing, I presume, the telephone network.

This quaint sculpture has been on the corner of Collins and Elizabeth Streets for years. I've forgotten what it's called, but I've always liked it.

There are many more works of street art in Melbourne. I'll be posting more on this later when I get around to organising the photos.


Jan said...

The Melbourne Public Purse is exactly like one my Granny gave me years and years ago, which I still have.
As a child, I took Dinner Money to school in it and I'd sit clicking it open and closed, open and closed through entire lessons..
The clasp is actually worn down by my own busy little fingers...

Anne S said...

This purse is gigantic and made from stone and metal, but it too reminds me of old fashioned purses with those sort clasps which you can't resist fiddling with.

clare said...

That purse is spectacular - the granite is worked to such great effect. It is that last one intrigues me most of all, though. It is such a strange juxtaposition of ideas - the familiar image of a child holding her doll and then behind her something like a tree changing into something fantastic. It is as if we are seeing into her mind and there is a wonderful world in there.

Looks like Melbourne is a good place for sculptures!

Anne S said...

Clare, there is another child on the other side of the sculpture. I'm heading down to that part of town tomorrow so will get the title of it. If I recall it is quite appropriate.

I've always liked the owl perched at the top of the tree, myself.