Friday, November 24, 2006

Another Band, Another Photo

The photo above is of Moana Kerr, Leo Kahans (mandolin) & Paul Jonas (fiddle) with Brian Fitzgerald (guitar) in the background. There was also a dobro player, Peter Fidler who is out of shot. Together they form a great little bluegrass band called Sunshine Harvester.

They were appearing at the last Basement Discs In-Store for the year and it certainly was a good lively act with which to finish the year.

I have known Moana for a number of years through Nu Country. She is currently 8 months pregnant with her first child, but she certainly hasn’t let that interfere too much with launching her latest CD Between Trains - the CD is being launched next Wednesday.

Moana is a vibrant girl, full of vivacity and bounce. She has a lovely singing voice, which is very suited to the old style Americana type of music she specialises in.

Between Trains is a celebration of bluegrass music, a genre I very much like. I love the sound of banjos, mandolins and fiddles playing together, and I am partial to dobros as well.

The band played the whole CD today and it is certainly a charmer. I was delighted to hear Moana’s take on one of my favourite Richard Thompson songs, “Waltzing’s For Dreamers”.

I intend to go to the CD Launch next Wednesday. It’s at Manchester Lane, a new venue for me, but by all accounts a good one.

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