Friday, September 08, 2006

Jeff Lang at Basement Discs

A special treat at lunchtime today was the performance of Jeff Lang at an In-Store at Basement Discs.

Jeff Lang is a local singer/songwriter/guitar maestro who has garnered a fine reputation as a great live performer. He was at Basement Discs to promote his latest CD Dislocation Blues, a collaboration with and commemoration to, the late Chris Whitely.

Jeff is a masterful slide guitarist and he accompanied himself on this instrument inititally and for the first three songs, one of which was a dark and swampy version of the old classic “Stagolee”.

For the remainder of the show he switched to a Dobro like instrument (as in the photo above) from which he extracted extraordinary sounds. His performance was fascinating to watch and scintillating to hear. All up it was one of the best performances I have seen at Basement Discs, which is saying something, considering the calibre of all the performers who have made an appearance there.

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