Friday, June 16, 2006

Celebrity Event – Sort Of

Tonight I’m off to The Antenna awards.

The Antennas are the equivalent of the Logies for the community television network C31.

Nu Country whose website I maintain, has been nominated for an award. As I have never been to an event of this sort before, I leapt at the chance to go. It should be quite entertaining, and if Nu Country wins an award it will be an added bonus.

Nu Country has a television show on C31. It’s a half hour of country music, a mix of filmed local and international live acts, interviews and country music videos. Celebrity guests take turns at presenting the show, and it even has a hilarious cooking segment.

The bulk of Nu Country viewers are into Nashville type country. Myself, I favour the alt country side of the spectrum.

I’ve been involved with Nu Country for about 10 years. When they were aspiring to be a radio station I joined up as a volunteer and used to man the phones and mind the office on Saturdays. That was good fun, I must admit and I made some good friends too. Nu Country was unsuccessful in the bid for a radio licence, so they canvassed other avenues to keep the association alive. That’s when they joined C31 with the idea of producing a television show. Three years down the track, they’re still going and the show is being screened on Adelaide and New Zealand community television stations as well.

It seems one cannot escape from a volunteer position. Nu Country approached me in 2003 to re-design their website. At first I was a bit reluctant, but after creating a design that was not too hick for me, ditching the ghastly dingo motif they formerly used, I took over the function of Webmaster.

The website is very successful and attracts visitors from all over the world. David Dawson who is a freelance journalist and a very prolific writer provides most of the content. He is a virtual encyclopaedia on country music, and people all over the world email him with questions on obscure country artists or queries on song titles.

Anyway, that’s why I’m going to the Antenna Awards tonight. I’ll report later on whether it met with or exceeded expectations.

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