Thursday, May 04, 2006


Welcome to Cat Politics, my brand new blog.

Why the title?

My domicile boasts the company of two cats – one of each sex – a constant arrangement for well over 20 years, though several generations of cats have come and gone in that period. It has been a common observation within the household that the relationship between the two felines is subject to a delicate balance, to which we have have applied the term, “cat politics”. It could be a hissy fit or a show of claws, a box on the ears or a dignified retreat. Such is the nature of cat politics.

Cat politics obviously reflects on human relationships as well, where one may apply zoomorphic attributes to people, just as we anthropomorphize our animals.

Fear not, it is not my intention to base this blog entirely on cat or, indeed, human behaviour. My aim is more to air my views on books, music and life in the antipodes among other things

In the dim distant past I kept a diary and scribbled in it regularly over a period of 25+ years.
Since I gave up on it, I haven’t written anything other than the occasional concert review or memoranda at work. A blog, I thought, might be just the thing to get me going again. I might even drag out the old diary and share some of it with you as a sort of “blast from the past”. You may yet see my teenage self contributing a post or two.

Anyway we’ll see. I hope whoever joins me on the journey finds it an enjoyable ride.

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