Sunday, May 28, 2006

Shane Nicholson Concert Review

My review of the Shane Nicholson CD Launch is now online here.

Also to report, an observation on cat behaviour...

Yesterday I was helping the next door neighbour set up his new computer. I'd left the Lizzie cat inside when I went next door. I'd been there about half an hour when a plaintive yowling started up at the neighbour's front door. It was Lizzie, very troubled by the fact that I was in the neighbour's house even if she has known him very well since kittenhood. She ran away when he tried to call her inside and reappeared at his back door howling again. She eventually came inside, still howling, and continued howling until I left. It's most unusual for her to yowl as her normal mode of communication is a gentle mew. She has a touch of oriental in her breeding and the siamese yowl only emerges when she's distressed.

God knows why she was so upset at my being next door, it's beyond my comprehension, though I'm touched that she cares.

There's also the question of how she knew I was in the next door neighbour's house as she didn't see where I went when I left her inside our place. Uncanny!

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