Saturday, May 20, 2006

Review of Marcel Borrack's CD Launch

OK, as promised here is the link to my review of Marcel's CD Launch. I think it's a bit lack lustre, but there was not all that much to write about, truth to tell.

The hosting service has finally sorted out its problems - it took a week!- and all is well in the land of uploading.

I'm going to another CD Launch this coming Wednesday. It's for Sydney singer-songwriter, Shane Nicholson. I loved his debut CD "It's A Movie" so I am really looking forward to seeing him live for the first time. Er no, actually it will be for the second time as I first saw him as a support act at a Kasey Chambers concert and was taken with his performance then.

I may write a review of the show, but then again I may not. You tend to get distracted if a review is called for, which detracts from one's enjoyment of the show. And it's a bit hard, at a standup venue, juggling camera, notebook, drinks etc.

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