Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hot Air Balloons & Rainbow Lorikeets

While drinking my morning cup of coffee prior to leaving for work, I heard the familiar whoosh of a hot air balloon overhead.

During autumn there are often hot air balloons floating over Northcote and they pass directly over our backyard. I rushed for the camera and got this shot. The balloon was pretty low, so it was ideal for capturing.

Observing cats when balloons hover overhead is quite comical. They express utter horror at the spectacle - oh my god, is that a bird? - and run inside and hide under the table.

And waiting on the station, camera on the ready for more balloons, I snapped rainbow lorikeets in a tree next to station. I also saw a galah, but wasn't fast enough to get a shot of it.

Actually, rainbow lorikeets are common around Merri Creek and I see them everyday, but galahs are rareish.

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