Monday, March 27, 2017

Bingo –The New Boy

bingo 1

The Cat Politics residence has a new cat, a Siamese kitten in fact, whom we have named Bingo.

We fetched him today from a breeder in the Kilmore area. He is four months old, but still quite tiny.

This of course has set the household into an uproar, with neither Talya nor Bingo showing any liking for the other. He growls and she hisses when they set eyes on each other.

Poor Talya is quite miffed, but hopefully she’ll get over it in time. After all it’s only day one and it will probably take weeks before they decide on a course of toleration.

Cat politics is quite dull when you’ve only got one cat. It’s the interaction between two cats that makes it interesting, even if fraught with tension and worry some of the time.

I was really not all that interested in getting a new kitten, or was steeling my mind to resist the temptation. But B has always been keen to get a Siamese cat and wanted one before he died. Who knows if we will outlive young Bingo or if he will outlive us.

Anyway, while waiting round to die, to quote Townes Van Zandt, we will have the delight of seeing a kitten grow up one more time.

Bingo is a real sweetheart, very affectionate and smoochy, with a quite different personality to our late lamented Willy. The gap left by his absence in many ways drew us to adopting another cat.

It will be interesting seeing how the sparks fly in the next few days and weeks.


Sue T said...

Very pretty cat Anne. Good for you and B. We'd love another dog, but with our kids in Melbourne we've decided that we need to be ore flexible to get up and go than a dog allows. But of, how we miss a pet!

I'm sure you and B will have a lovely time with your new kitty.

Anne S said...

Hi Sue T, thanks for visiting. I had a look at your blog and see that you are a reader of books, as am I, though I don't write about them much. Ill bookmark your page to read at my leisure.