Monday, December 15, 2014

New Camera, new cat (& dog) pics

I’ve just purchased yet another camera. This one is a Canon Powershot G16, an updated model of my old Canon G10 which I purchased in 2008. There was nothing wrong with the Canon G10, it took great photos, but I have to admit it was somewhat sluggish at times when it mattered.

I had been eyeing off the G16 for some months, but resisted buying it, until last week, when Canon were offering it at a discounted price with a generous cash back.  How could I resist!

I put the G10 up for sale on Gumtree and sold it almost instantly. Perhaps my asking price was too low, but I thought $100.00 for a six year old camera was reasonable, and obviously so did the purchaser.

Anyway, I’ve been testing out the G16 and I am really pleased with its performance (lightning fast) and the quality of the photos it produces.

Naturally the resident cats have been my test subjects…

talya 1JPG

talya 5

willy 5
This photo of Willy was taken early this morning in poor light, but it turned out quite well.

I also tried out the camera on  plants in the garden.

Macro of fuschia (really pleased with the bokeh effect)…



vinca 1

A friend came around to visit the other day and brought her delightful little dog, Tickle, so I snapped the following photo of her.

tick 3

You may well wonder how the cats reacted to having a dog around. Tick is a fairly frequent visitor, and it is more for her safety that we isolate the cats to another part of the house. Tick lives with two cats, so is used to them, but our cats are not accustomed to dogs, and Willy, in particular, would probably attack poor Tick if she approached him.

As for the relationship between the resident cats, nothing much has changed – they still loathe each other. I had to take Talya to the vet, when I noticed she was losing more fur than the normal malting process would produce. She was over grooming and pulling the fur out herself. The vet reckons it was caused by stress, so he gave me some Chinese Herbal medicine called Xiao Yao San to try out on both cats in the hope that it would fix the problem. 

It hasn’t really, as Talya is still occasionally ripping out her fur, though the Xiao Yao San has calmed both cats down, apparently, as they have not had a really serious confrontation since they’ve been on the medicine.

Overall I’m very pleased with my new G16 and look forward to trying it out at concerts and the races.


Whispering Gums said...

Lovely photos Anne ... glad I;m not the only one still using a camera. When we were travelling recently and asked a young person to take a photo of us they didn't quite know how to use a camera and the fact that you do have to hold the button for a second or so, not just tap it as on a smartphone. It was a real eye-opener re how quickly things are changing.

Anne S said...

Ah the younger generation - spoon fed technology. No wonder computer operating systems are dumbing down.

My other camera the Panasonic does have a touchscreen which you can touch to take photos, but I always find the shutter button is more natural.

Any serious photographer will always opt for a camera over a phone, not that I consider myself a seroius photographer, but I do like good quality photos which can really only be achieved with a camera.

I find fiddling around with the camera on my phone tedious, and besides it takes awful photos.