Friday, July 19, 2013

The Tesla Effect

tesla effect2

At about this time last year, I was eagerly following the progress of a Kickstarter project for a new Tex Murphy game.  The producers, Big Finish Games, reached their target with some to spare, so production of the game is in full swing and the game is likely to be released by the end of this year.

On Nikola Tesla’s birthday, 10 July, Big Finish Games released a video teaser, that thrilled the pants off this old Tex Murphy addict and announced the title of the game at the same time. It is Tesla Effect – A Tex Murphy Adventure. (see video below)

Very few details of the new game have been released, for which I am grateful. I want to be surprised, wowed and amused when I finally have the game installed on my computer, though I gather that it will be full FMV (full motion video) with an immersive 3D environment and involve multiple narrative paths ala Pandora Directive.

What Tesla has to do with the story remains a mystery, an intriguing one at that, but it got me to go and check him out. Here’s a great overview of his life and work in comic book form.

Needless to say I am keenly awaiting the completion of  Tesla Effect aka Project Fedora and really look forward to playing a new Tex Murphy game after 15 years of waiting.


Ann ODyne said...

thanks for the link I followed and loved. What a creep old Thos Alva Edison was.
The Oatmeal guy has a million FcBuk followers so he doesn't need me, but I actually believe the pigeon story that he doesn't, and Tesla should be on banknotes worldwide.
wishing you many happy hours Texing Murphy.

Anne S said...

Oatmeal's run down on Tesla is brilliant - I just had to share. And yes, Edison was terrible. I had heard about him electocuting dogs before, but didn't realise that he was only doing it to discredit Tesla. And I believe the pigeon story too.

Poor Tesla, but he is finally being given credit for his genius.