Monday, December 03, 2012

The New Republic of Cats

The cat politics since the arrival of new cats next door has resulted in nothing much at all - so far.

Milly and Monty, the bengal-burmese cross cats, have been exploring their new neighbourhood, which naturally encompasses our back and front yards, so they have encountered Willy once or twice without any great drama.  However, Willy is not at all sure how to handle the situation, spending more time lurking indoors during the last few days than he has ever done before.

He did venture out to the backyard yesterday afternoon and relaxed in a chair on the porch of the studio where I snapped the following photo.


He’s getting on for nine years of age, so has modified his behaviour and activities somewhat.  We took him to the Vet last week to get his eyes checked out, as they have developed brown spots on the cornea (you can see them in the photo above) and we feared that they indicated melanomas.  Not a good patient, he submitted with ill grace to being examined by the Vet, going so far as to scratch and bite,  growling angrily throughout.  Anyway, the Vet reckons the spots are age related and not cancerous, which is a relief. He’s not a vicious cat, but he has little tolerance for being handled by strangers and has a habit of nipping us playfully every so often, following the nip with a lick. Wilful by name, wilful by nature.

The cats next door are very pretty, a soft lilac grey with stripes on their legs, tail and face – rather like the markings on Abyssinian cats. I managed to get a photo of Milly yesterday, so you can see how pretty she and her brother are – they are identical, so you see one you see the other.


Summer has finally made an appearance in Melbourne, last Thursday being a particularly hot day. This will slow down cat activity, so we are hoping the cat political situation will remain in detente and not erupt into all out war.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

all gorgeous. He is so clever to just remove himself from any potential territory squabble, although Milly/Monty look fairly classy so hopefully good manners will prevail.
I love cats.

here's the Birmingham Cat Show recently staged.