Monday, December 24, 2012

Emerging from the miasma

For the past two weeks the Cat Politics household has been under the grip of an Influenza epidemic, which certainly killed any incipient Christmas  spirit in its tracks. It was horrible while it lasted, but we’re now emerging – just in time for Christmas Day – from the miasma of misery that was a nasty dose of Flu. It had the works; cough, fever, aches, blurred vision, lack of appetite and zero inclination to do anything of an energetic nature. The only food that tasted any good was fruit salad, so I stoically made a big bowl of it and we survived on it until the taste buds returned.

Somehow the  time passed in a fever dream, and I’m back to feeling sort of normal.

On the cat scene, I was going to report that Monty one of the cats next door had disappeared, and so he had, being missing for over two weeks. Everyone feared the worst, but miraculously he was found and returned in good health.  Social Media has its uses after all.

Contemplating the past year as a whole, it has been pretty good, with one of the highlights being participating in the Black Caviar cheer squad, and the outstanding low light being the tragic demise of our beautiful Lizzie cat.  Light and shade is what makes life interesting after all.

So this Christmas Eve finds me optimistic for an equally interesting and eventful 2013.

As usual we’ll be travelling to the country to spend Christmas with my brother and his family.  It’s generally a pleasant enough day and I enjoy seeing the nieces and nephews this once a year, but I’m always heartily glad when it’s over.

So Merry Christmas to you all, and best wishes for a peaceful, healthy and pleasantly eventful New Year.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

glad you survived the germs, and I really think that proper large cotton handerkerchiefs should be mandatory for all people in public, with huge fines for not using them to contain sneezes and coughing, which spread the virus to innocents abroad, as we are.
Wishing you a totally Aunty Cat day with those nieces and nephews who will be visiting you in The Home when you succumb to old age.