Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cats Rule – report from a cat slave

A great deal of the time I feel like a slave to the cats. They have us under their paws, and their wish is our command. Willy in particular has this attitude. He comes and sits in front of the computer monitor and demands attention. Usually it’s food he’s after, but other times he just wants a warm knee to sit on. Friends are amused by his antics, especially when he somehow gets himself up on the grapevine and can’t be bothered climbing down himself and meows for assistance. Why should he climb down backwards (which cats hate to do), when he has a willing cat slave at his service who will go and fetch a ladder and lift him down.


The above photo is of Willy curled up on the woollen rug I recently purchased for Lizzie to tide her over the winter. Aussie cats rule you know!


Miss Lizzie is now feeling her age, and showing signs of arthritis in her hindquarters. It didn’t stop her from trying to pursue an arboreal rat in the fig tree last night, though she was careful not to get out of her depth, or height more accurately. She is also being menaced by the young female cat next door, who is astonishingly aggressive towards all the neighbourhood cats. Her owners keep her inside most of the time, well aware of her aggressive tendencies. Both they and us are fed up with breaking up fights between Lizzie and Piccolo, both of us rushing out of our front doors simultaneously when we hear the screech of a cat fight in progress.  We’ve come to an arrangement – they tell us when Piccolo’s abroad, and we keep Lizzie inside, which she doesn’t mind.

Before I leave the subject of cats, here’s a wonderful video of Henri – The Existential Cat, by Will Braden, currently doing the rounds of cat lovers inboxes.

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