Sunday, December 11, 2011

That Old Timey Feeling - Frank Fairfield at Basement Discs


It’s already two weeks into December and I have been slack on the blogging front. To catch up slightly, a little spiel about Frank Fairfield, a young multi instrumental musician from Los Angeles.

Frank was playing at the Basement Discs on Friday last, and delivered a pleasant mini concert, showcasing his astonishing skills on banjo, fiddle and guitar, as well singing a selection of the songs he loves from yesteryear.  He looked the real deal, dressed conservatively in button up shirt and exhibited a modest demeanour.

He sounds like someone out of the backwoods, but he is Californian by upbringing and has a love for music forgotten in time.  For instance, the tragic tale of Poor Ben, where a child is sent out at various hours of the night to fetch his father from the pub, whilst his brother Ben is dying at home.

Here’s a video of him performing Rye Whiskey, another of the songs he sang last Friday. It has wonderful lyrics.


Anonymous said...

Where's the cats yo

Clare Dudman said...

I've come over to wish you a wonderful Christmas, Anne - and all my best wishes for 2012.

Anne S said...

Thanks Clare! Reciprocal greetings to you. Hope yours is enjoyable in the cold, whilst ours is likely to be hot and muggy.