Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Too Cool For Cats

Winter has come early to Melbourne this year. freezing cold from the middle of May. By the time winter is officially here we will be quite inured to it – sort of.

I snapped the above photo of the cats this afternoon, both curled up on the bed – in rare close proximity, though not touching.

Lizzie in the foreground looks much bigger than Willy, but truth to tell there’s not much between them in height. In weight, Lizzie is a featherweight, whereas Willy, who looks slim and slight, actually weighs a ton. He’s a solid muscular cat, hence the deceptive heaviness.

As Melbourne has been plagued with rats and mice over the past few months, Willy has been catching one or more a day. Unfortunately, he brings them inside to play with, and more often than not they escape and disappear under the furniture. Lizzie has totally lost interest in prey these days, so doesn’t even bother staking them out, a pastime she took very seriously in her younger days, so there are unknown numbers of rodents lurking somewhere in the house, unless they’ve escaped through the walls as we can’t hear any scuttling.

My attitude has become ‘out of sight out of mind’, as I can’t be bothered fretting about it.

However the thought of another three months or so of winter is kind of depressing, but a good excuse to curl up with the cats and read.


Ann O'Dyne said...

while the mouse-capture is a good thing, the mouse-ignoring will lead to bad odours .... you will need a longish stick for dragging corpses from under couches.
cats ROCK.

Clare Dudman said...

Yes, I agree - 'charming, funny and unaffected' - it is quite refreshing to find someone so talented also being so likeable. Sounds like it was a good talk too.

Clare Dudman said...

Duh, commented on the wrong post! Sorry about that. This was in reference to the David Mitchell one.

Anne S said...

Not to worry Clare... I realised you were commenting on David Mitchell. He was quite the chatterbox despite his obvious difficulty as regards his stammer. Very clever how he compensates.