Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Cat Pics

willy_130111 004 (Medium)

Above is a recent portrait shot of Willy looking stubborn and wilful. He celebrates his 7th Birthday today, and we can only marvel, considering his wild and wayward habits, that he has lasted this long. Of course we hope that he continues to survive for many years to come.

Now that I have retired from work, he has sussed that my lap will be free most mornings for lounging on. I tend to read in the mornings in bed, and a cat generally commands the prized lap position. Lizzie has lost out as Willy, being the bright boy he is, sits on the bed waiting for me to grab a coffee and return to my book. In no time at all he flops on my lap and will stay there for as long as I remain prone.

In the afternoons, he is often found a few houses up occupying the donut cat bed on the veranda of the neighbour who owns the delightful Pickle, Willy’s kitten hood friend. The neighbour bought the cat bed for Pickle, but she says Pickle has not taken to it, so she’s pleased that Willy makes use of it and is happy to leave the bed on the veranda for his convenience.


As you can see we have nice cat loving neighbours.

Whilst I was up the road taking the photo of Willy in the donut, Ms Lizzie, busybody that she is, sat on the letter box near the gate, watching and waiting for me to come back, caged by pickets and surrounded by the lilac bush.

lizzie_keepingwatch (Medium)

If you follow Astrology, you will know that both cats were born in the sign of Capricorn. What that means in terms of cat personality and destiny I have no idea.


iODyne said...

Will is indeed a handsome boy and I wish him a long happy life.
Nothing gives as much pleasure as cats.

Anne S said...

Willy is one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen. Though fairly small in stature, he weighs a ton, being solid and muscular.

And yes, cats are wonderful to watch and enjoy as animal companions.