Friday, August 20, 2010

Mama Kin Rocks at Basement Discs

Basement Discs hosted a pretty special in store today, that being a scintillating performance by Mama Kin, aka Danielle Caruana, in support of her debut CD Beat and Holler.

Mama Kin is relatively new to the Australian music scene, though older brother Michael Caruana who plays keyboards in her band has been around considerably longer. She is married to John Butler of the well known John Butler Trio, and comes from a musically gifted family.

Her in store performance today was instantly engaging. Mama Kin has charisma and personality to spare, and possesses a powerful bluesy voice that is warm and seductive. Her songs are terrific heartbreakers that rock with energy and are charged with emotion. She sang her fabulous gut wrenching song Tore My Heart Out, Your Colour and Coming To Get Ya along with several others.

Not one to just stand still and sing Mama Kin, as well as having an expressive voice, throws herself bodily into the music, and is a dynamic performer.

I was very impressed with Mama Kin, and can see why she has gathered a following so quickly. She is currently touring as support for Cat Empire.

Check out her website or
My Space for more information and videos. There’s one of Tore My Heart Out on her website.

Next Tuesday, ace guitarist Albert Lee will be in-store. Not to be missed!

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