Friday, November 13, 2009

The Argonauts Club Redux

Back in June 2008 I wrote a post about the Argonauts Club, which was an Australian children’s radio show of the 1950s and 60s.

The post has proved quite popular and still elicits comments, as old members of the Argonauts Club stumble across it.

A recent comment by
Whispering Gums alerted me to a project of the Friends of the NFSA (National Film and Sound Archive) inviting old members of the Club to register their ship name and record their memories.

The Argonauts Club now has
Wikipedia page too.

So if anyone stumbles over this entry, you may like to register at NFSA (the link is above).

Erato 30, over and out.


Ann ODyne said...

I just enjoyed reading Barry Humphries My Life As Me, which devotes a fulsome description to his Argonauts membership and name, which he used somewhere else as well (and of course I forget where already.

Ann ODyne said...

Back from the link now.
Did you notice this listing:
'David Ellyard (science journalist) (Golden Fleece & Bar Erato 42'
and of course they had BH who was Ithome 32.

I missed all this fun and feel deprived.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Erato 30 for posting again and giving our register a we have to pretty up our page a bit. We are getting some interesting content - images and sound bites but have to work out how we want to present them.

Rosie CB said...

I have just stumbled upon this blog quite unexpectedly,(a little behind the eight ball fact seven years late)having just viewed a segment tonight presented by Heather Ewart.

Memories of my most favourite radio show ever,came flooding back with a vengeance! I came to know the members of "The Team " reasonably well,during the years that I was a member of Jason's crew. I was in the good ship of Machaon (Machaon 28) and I achieved the Dragon's Tooth..didn't make the Golden Fleece unfortunately before my time as a member ran out.

It is extraordinary that I should happen across this blog tonight, as this afternoon, I heard the all too familiar music (where else but on our local ABC station) that heralded "The Muddleheaded Wombat" a session segment loved by all,young and old. Ruth Parks, I thank you,for writing those wonderful scripts.

Of course the ABC Children's Hour Annuals were an absolute must:) Let's face it... much loved Gina, Diana, Barbie , Jan, Robyn ,Barry,Earle, Jimmy,Icarus, Phidias, Tom, Pat(Lovell) and the most inspirational Mac, were my heroes... if I have forgotten anyone, I apologise.....Oh and what about "The Nomads"? I hung on to every word.:)

Ah yes.. those were the days* sigh!*. Such a pity that our youngsters of today have missed out on such a wonderful part of childhood and yes,even adulthood. I still listened to my favourite show after I was married. A sad day,when Mac passed away.

Cheers to all my fellow Rowers:)


Thank You to Anne S for creating this blog

Anne S said...

Rosie, You sound as if you were a far more dedicated Argonaut than I was. I don't remember the Annuals at all. And you achieved Dragon's Tooth level, so I must have heard your contributions a few times.

The younger generation would find the Argonauts Club somewhat quaint and antiquated and frustrating these days, with no recourse to instantaneous response. At least there were no trolls (from the listeners side of things anyway) and it was all jolly and bright and encouraging.

We were lucky to have experienced it.