Friday, October 16, 2009

Archetypal OZ Rocker - Nick Barker at Basement Discs

Nick Barker - live at Basement Discs - 16/10/09

A sunny break in the weather coincided with a wonderful in store performance by Nick Barker at Basement Discs this afternoon.

He has a newly released album called Black Water Blues which was of course the motivation for his appearance today on the Basement Discs stage. There’s a nice review of the record on
The Dwarf here.

Nick Barker has been part of the Australian music scene since the late 1980s, first joining Punk band Wreckery before forming Nick Barker and the Reptiles who rocked Melbourne’s socks off for several years. He is also well known for writing killer songs and this latest offering is no exception, Nick describing it as ‘a good old break-up record’.

We were treated to several songs off it today, including a great version of a Jerry Garcia (whom Nick professed to loathe) song called Sugaree.

Helping out on electric bass was Al Brooker, formerly of the Dots and Yardhands, and playing a box was Michael Barclay, well known as a member of Paul Kelly’s Messengers and Mick Thomas’ Weddings Parties Anything

So it was an heart warming half hour or so of rock ‘n’ roll goodness, interspersed with Nick Barker’s wry reminiscences of his disaster prone career as a rock star. He certainly looks and sounds like an archetypal rocker.

You can check his
My Space page to see/hear his music.


Jan said...

Go on...tell us about some of his disasters!??

Anne S said...

One he mentioned involved his habit of flinging his guitar after the set to his roadie who generally caught it. However, one time he flung it and the roadie was bent over tuning a guitar with his back turned. The flung guitar hit the roadie on the back of the head. Blood everywhere and the roadie rushed to hospital for 36 stitches.

Another time apparently his hair caught fire - he didn't elaborate on this.