Friday, July 10, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air – Sal Kimber and The Rollin’ Wheel at Basement Discs.

It has to be acknowledged that Melbourne, indeed Australia, is blessed to have such talented young musicians coming out of the woodwork so to speak. Today’s In Store at Basement Discs featured yet another impressive young singer songwriter – the delightful Sal Kimber.

She was showcasing songs from her debut CD, Sounds Like Thunder, with help from her band, formerly The Good Ole Boys, now renamed Rollin’ Wheel. It is a five piece band and comprises Sal on lead vocals, banjo and guitar, Cat Leahy on drums, Jake Cole on lead guitar (electric), Trent McKenzie on Bass and Buffy Kimber (Sal’s sister) on Piano accordion, GLOC, keys and harmonies

Sal’s music could be classified alt country and encompasses folk, blues, roots and country. The lovely tunes are certainly enhanced with Sal’s fantastic voice. It reminded me very strongly of Patty Griffin, having that same timbre and power.

As I had never listened to Sal Kimber’s music before, it was indeed a pleasant surprise to hear her finally. Let’s just say, I was impressed enough to acquire a copy of her CD. Who needs International stars when Melbourne has such talented musicians?

I am extremely grateful, that such musicians as Sal Kimber, Jordie Lane et al are continuing the roots tradition and giving it a new lease of life.

Sal and band will be doing An Evenin’ of Glam Country at Northcote Social Club on 23rd July with Toxic, the Glam Rock Britney tribute band. Sounds fun and I’m tempted to go.

Give Sal Kimber a listen on her
My Space page

Next Thursday, iconic Aussie rockers Spectrum will be performing an in store at Basement Discs. Always good fun, not to be missed!

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charlieperry said...

I saw Sal Kimber a few months ago and was really impressed although she was a bit overshadowed by Jordie Lane who was supporting her that night.