Friday, May 22, 2009

Psychedelic Rock Spectacular – Downhills Home at Basement Discs

You certainly couldn’t accuse Basement Discs of favouring one type of music over another…

Last week’s in store featured FLAP! (see below) playing 1930s inspired Jazz and folk, this week
Downhills Home played a scintillating psychedelic rock set at today’s lunchtime in store performance.

Downhills Home are promoting their new CD The Wolves In The Woods - a much more rock n roll oriented album than their previous country tinged CD Minor Birds, which I had the fortune to see
them promoting at an in store in August 2007.

The band, a five piece outfit, is Sean McMahon (guitar, lead vocals & dobro), Michael Hubbard (lead vocals & guitar), Chris Goff (bass), Brendan McMahon (keyboard & piano) and Josh Duiker (drums). They produce a big bold sound, quite loud and gratifyingly thrilling to the inner rock child.

Sean McMahon leads the vocals and he has one of those classic pop voices – you hear hints of any number of artists that you can’t place off hand.

There was a good crowd at the show today, but I got there early enough to snare my usual spot directly in front of the stage – great for photographs.

Downhills Home unashamedly wear their influences on their sleeve, admitting to a love of 60s and 70s psychedelic rock, but they somehow manage to give that old genre a fresh sound and are worthy followers of the greats of the past. They are one of the best new bands on the Melbourne music scene and have been gathering a devoted following along with rave reviews of their music, over the few years they have been active.

Today’s mini show was ideal sunny music to suit the unseasonable warmth of the weather in Melbourne – after a cold misty start it had turned into a mild sunny day by midday.

Check them out on My Space…


F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

Musical variety -
true music lovers appreciate the best examples of every genre.
I don't understand people who can only worship one kind of music to the exclusion of others.
Rock ON.

Anne S said...

Yes, indeed FG, ROCK ON!

Kay said...

Sounds like it was a special experience with some good energy and what's even better, great music. Lucky you! :)