Friday, May 15, 2009

FLAP! And all that Jazz


Today’s lunchtime in store at the Basement Discs featured new Melbourne band FLAP! They were fabulous!

They are Jessica Guille (Vocals and Ukulele), Eamon McNelis (Vocals and Trumpet), Mark Elton (Double Bass and Vocals).and Ben Hendry (Drums) and their music is a mix of Latin, Swing and Jazz. They are spirited, energetic performers and have a winsome stage presence that instantly engages the audience and, besides, are great fun to watch.

They are promoting their debut self titled CD - a collection of original songs that have an old time sensibility but with thoroughly modern (quirky) lyrics.

I found the below description of the band on the web, and it struck me as being funny and appropriate:

“…FLAP! sing songs about falling off cliffs, getting naked and being poor, as well as the universal themes of falling in love and getting wasted. Flap! sound like roaming minstrels from the rural back roads of 1930's America who somehow discovered a time machine and ended up at a Kylie Minogue concert.”

Check them out on their My Space Page

Next week Downhills Home are in store – not to be missed!


Jan said...

Great review!
What a music scene you have in your neck of the woods!

Kay said...

Thanks for the links Enjoyed the music; talented and fresh. Loved the quote too - very clever.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

not a uke ... it's a banjo.

Billy Connolly and Steve Martin play banjos. Al Jolson did too.

They look a mighty fine band - I wish I had heard them

Anne S said...

F.G. It certainly sounded like a ukulele and she played it like one.

It looked a lot this instrument - banjo-ukulele

Eamon said...
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