Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New look Pauline Hanson by Emma Phillips

The above photo is Emma Phillips entry into the $80,000 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize. Emma has been receiving a great deal of attention for her photo, which is part of her series on influential women.

I first saw this photo several years ago when we were over at her parents place for dinner. Her parents are very old friends of mine, and I’ve known Emma since she was a baby. Being very impressed by her photo at that time, I’m delighted to see it again. Here’s wishing Emma the best of luck in the photographic competition. She gets full marks for daring and vision, not to mention being able to persuade Pauline Hanson to pose for the photo.

Pauline Hanson, for the benefit of overseas readers, is an Australian right wing politician who caused a big stir about 10 years ago with her red neck policies which included an opposition to multiculturalism and the special treatment of indigenous people. She won a lot of support at that time appealing to the xenophobic white population, especially in Queensland. She was regarded by the majority of the population as a bit of joke, though they were startled when her One Nation Party won several seats in the Queensland Legislative Assembly. Sarah Palin and her policies in the recent American elections, reminded us here in Australia of our Pauline.

Pauline’s rise to glory was not long lasting and One Nation is no more, but she has started a new party called Pauline Hanson’s United Australia Party. I very much doubt that it will be in any way successful.

However she must be a good sport to pose for Emma, who although she does not agree with Pauline’s politics, thought she was charming in person.

Other news…

Naturally, I am very much looking forward to Leonard Cohen’s concert tonight. It is the last concert on the Australian leg of his tour. Reviews have been universally glowing. From my front row seat I should be able to get some excellent photos, and just possibly a video as long as security guys are not hanging around.

Will report back tomorrow with photos.

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Ann oDyne said...

GREAT photo.

Ms Hanson was misunderstood, misquoted, and used as easy prey by journos - 'zenophobe' anyone?

She was even convicted unjustly regarding her AEC result bonus.
A filthy business altogether.

We hounded her for her haircut and accent, and even laughed at her owning a fish-and-chip shop for godssakes.

I hope the photo wins for Ms Phillips.