Friday, February 06, 2009

Iconic Name –New Interpretation – Skipping Girl Vinegar at Basement Discs

The first in –store performance for the year at Basement Discs featured young local band Skipping Girl Vinegar, a four piece outfit composed of Mark Lang on lead vocals & guitar, Chris Helm, drums & vocals, Sare Lang on bass guitar & vocals and Amanthi Lynch on keyboard & vocals.

The band name was inspired by the
Skipping Girl Vinegar Neon Sign, aka Little Audrey, long a feature of Victoria Street, Richmond, an inner Melbourne suburb.

Skipping Girl Vinegar, the band, has almost as much charm as the neon sign, and they play their brand of pop music with enormous verve and liveliness.

They were at Basement Discs promoting their debut full length CD, Sift The Noise. It is beautifully packaged with a bonus library bag.

They appeared to be keen on the concept of snail mail and encourage people to write to them, and they will write back. You can sign up for the postal revolution on their website. A novel idea, even if it is old fashioned.

Next week Suzannah Espie will be performing in store promoting her latest CD First & Last Hotel.


Kay said...

I love the image and the name and I bet their music's as good.
Sorry to hear about the fires out your way ... tragic.

Anne S said...

Hi Kay,

It's hard to get one's head around the bushfire devastation and what those people had to endure. It's absolutely tragic.