Monday, February 02, 2009

The Canon G10 at the seaside

Yesterday we went to Ocean Grove to participate in the celebration of my brother's 60th birthday. It was a pleasant party - good food, tasty ale and convivial company.

B and I stayed the night, and this morning, before heading home, we drove the short distance to Point Lonsdale ostensibly to purchase some delicious, locally made Tomato Kasaundi, a spicy tomato relish. It was included in a hamper we received from my niece for Christmas. We've become addicted to it.

Anyway, while we were in Point Lonsdale, I thought it would be a waste to go home without taking in some of the sights and test the G10's ability to take seascapes.

Below are a few... click for larger images

ptlonsdale1 (Medium)
Point Lonsdale Sea Front

ptlonsdale3 (Medium)
Walking along the sea front to the lighthouse

ptlonsdale4 (Medium)
The jetty running from the lighthouse

ptlonsdale9 (Medium)
The lighthouse

ptlonsdale7 (Medium)
Low tide rock pools
ptlonsdale10 (Medium)
Interesting rock formation with view of the beach