Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet Anticipation – Musical Delights in the Offing

This morning I queued at a Ticketek outlet in order to get a ticket for a second Leonard Cohen concert on 10 February, the sales for which opened today. Nu Country had given me a Ticketek gift voucher for Christmas, so as soon I heard that there was to be a second concert, I instantly determined to use the voucher for this, as I’d earlier eschewed buying a ticket to the first concert on the grounds it was too expensive.

I did very well, getting a front row seat on the floor at Rod Laver Arena – whoopee!

By all accounts it should be a fantastic concert, and as I discovered at the John Mellencamp concert last year, the floor area is the best place to be.

The Ryan Adams concert on 30 January is the first of several shows I’ve booked over the coming few months. I have tickets to Lucinda Williams at Hamer Hall on 1 April – 4 rows from the front! - general admission tickets to Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch & Fats Kaplin, at the Corner Hotel on 4 March, and Old Crow Medicine Show at the Forum on 13 March.

So there’s a lot to look forward to in the future.

I have yet to try out my new Canon G10 camera in a concert situation, but I have been snapping the odd photo and practising with RAW conversions.

The below photo is of lichen on a terracotta roof tile. B had removed tiles from the roof as we are having solar panels installed today. I thought the lichen on the tiles would make an interesting textured photo. The camera captured the lichen in amazing detail – far better than could be discerned with the naked eye.

lichen (Medium)

I also rather like this dramatic photo of a gladiola stalk. The gladiola, which is in flower in our front garden, has a brilliant rich orange colour, and the camera has captured this as well as the fall of light on the foliage.

gladdies2 (Medium)


Amanda said...

Leonard is so close I can taste it!!

Ann oDyne said...

bless their sweet NUCountry hearts, and yours too' for going solar.

and the gladdie is a fantastic colour and the lichen is brilliant.

Rock on.

Anne S said...

Amanda, Indeed it's very close for you, before me. Look forward to reading your impressions.

By the way, I have been unable to make comments on your blog for ages. Or rather, I do comment and then get a message saying my comment has to be authorised first before it will appear, which it doesn't. Don't know what is happening, but it happens when I comment on both on my home computer and work computer.

Ann, Thanks - Nu Country is indeed very nice to give me the means to see blogbuster shows - I love them.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

Got my Laffin Lenny ticks - since found out about a million people I know going on same night - Lucinda - Ha I'm there on April 1 - section STALLS, row N, seats 28-29