Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals at the Forum - It's Magick

ryan_adams_forum 016 (Medium)

If ever an artist started on the right note, the instantly crowd pleasing first up rendition of When the Stars Go Blue, had to be it. Certainly for me it was special as that song is one of my favourite songs from Gold and I was really hoping the Cardinals would play it last night. Not only did they start with "Stars" they followed that up two other favourite songs, Two from Easy Tiger and Let it Ride from Cold Roses.

Even songs I am not all that taken with, sounded fantastic given the Cardinals treatment, though there were few of them. In all it was a perfect Ryan Adams concert, as we were also treated to a spooky, spine tingling version of the Oasis song Wonderwall, the twisted romance of Come Pick Me Up - an oft requested song - the exquisite Sweet Carolina, La Cienega Just Smiled, another favourite from Gold, Rescue Blues, Why do they Leave from Heartbreaker, Everybody Knows and Magick, the sole rocker from the Cardinals latest CD Cardinology.

The stage, as we've become used to with Ryan Adams, was dark, hence the poor photo quality, and it was hot, hot hot. All that didn't matter in what became an engrossing and mesmeric show. The Ryan and the Cardinals set lasted for two hours and covered twenty two songs. Everyone was in a good mood, including Ryan who was quite exuberant.

We managed to get a booth in the first rank and shared it with a lovely group of young people. It was a relief to be able to sit down, or up as we were forced to sit on the top of the seats in order to see the stage.

ryan_adams_forum 002 (Small)
The amazing interior of the Forum Theatre

The show was jam packed, so the temperature in the theatre rose with the number of people coming in. Those standing at the front were provided relief with someone spraying them with water. Ryan made a wry remark regarding this, asking how one became a water squirter.

Before Ryan's set we were forced to watch a totally inappropriate support act, who went by the name of The Clip Clop Club. A bunch of old guys, they opened their set with a rendition of Rawhide. I ask you, how ridiculous is that! They also did a song called Kylie's Arse and a version of I've Been Everywhere Man except the lyrics detailed all the drugs and alcohol that had been consumed by the narrator. I'm not a big fan of humorous ditties. These guys, though technically quite competent, were quite crass. Who knows who chose them as openers for Ryan Adams.

In conclusion I really think last night's show - the Cardinals part anyway - was one of the best shows I've ever witnessed and the best Ryan Adams concert I've seen.

Let's hope his retirement from music doesn't last too long and that he'll be back soon to entertain his devoted Aussie fans. According to Ryan Aussie fans are the best.

As for the G10 camera at concerts - the jury is still out. Considering the low light conditions and the distance I was from the stage, I suppose the photos are alright - not really my best, but the best I could do in the circumstances

Set list for those that are interested:

Ryan Adams – Forum 30/1/09

On Stage 9.20

When The Stars Go Blue
Let It Ride
Fix It
Everybody Knows
Come Pick Me Up
New York, New York
Improv- Theres No Lykans Here (Ryan fooling around)
Improv- Bassmax (Ryan fooling around)
La Cienega Just Smiled
Freeway To The Canyon (Neal Casal)
The Sun Also Sets
Oh My God Whatever, Etc
Rescue Blues
Natural Ghost
Born Into A Light
Oh My Sweet Carolina
Grand Island (Neal Casal)
This Is It
Easy Plateau

Finish 11.15


Amanda said...

Thanks for the report. I passed on Ryan this time round, having already totally blown the entertainment budget and I haven't yet even got around to his last record. That setlists is extremely tasty, New York New York a particualr highlight for me. I'm glad you got Good Ryan that night and Diva Ryan stayed home! ;-)

Anne S said...

New York was done in a slowish bluesy fashion - quite lovely.

I've always been fortunate enough to get Good Ryan - he seems to like Melbourne audiences.

Sydney got Good Ryan too, this time, with a similar setlist.

Amanda said...

ps. for some reason your comments have been going through to spam at my site. I don't get any other false positives so I can't imagine why. I've dug them out and approved the so I'm hoping the algorithm or whatever might get the message. So sorry for the delays there.

Anne S said...

Thanks Amanda for looking into it.

I've noticed my comments are getting through now.

Perhaps it doesn't like my email address, but I don't think iinet are regarded as spammers, or as troublesome as some ISPS.

charlieperry said...

I'm annoyed with myself for not going to see him in Sydney now. I wasn't that impressed by the last album but he's such a good live performer that it's always worth going to see him.

Anne S said...

I heard the Sydney show was pretty good. I don't mind Cardinology -it kind of grows on you and has some very pretty songs. But I was glad to see live all that old stuff.

PS I checked out your blog, and see that you have a similar taste in music to myself - Justin Townes Earle, Steve Earle etc.

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