Friday, December 12, 2008

Willy Immortalised On Canvas

Some time ago one of the women, who is part of the small painting group who gather in our next door neighbour’s shed for painting sessions, asked us for a photo of our cat Willy, as she wanted to paint him. A cat lover, she has always admired Willy who often hangs around in the neighbour’s garden. He is a very attractive animal – one of the prettiest cats I’ve ever set eyes on.

We gave her a printout of a photo I shot of him in our back garden, and the other day she very kindly gave her finished painting to us. It’s a lovely picture and she has captured the cat perfectly, especially the expression on his face.

Below is the original photograph and photographs of the painting ...

will_061206 (Small) willy_painting (Small)

Original Photo


...and a detail from the painting with a detail from the photo.

will_061206_detail (Small) willy_pasinting_detail (Small)

Original Photo Detail

Painting Detail


Bwca said...

Isn't she excellent!
Firstly, Willie is a handsome boy, but really, the painting is superb.

I hope he is named after Shotgun Willie ...

Anne S said...

Willy is named Willy for his wilfulness and not after Willie Nelson.

My partner B chose the name. I would have picked something nobler, but actually the name Willy suits him to a T.